Do you appear to have a great life but you just feel something is missing?
Do you spend time getting to know other people yet don't really know yourself?
Do you struggle to identify your 'purpose'?

Do you feel misunderstood by others?
Do you sometimes just feel lost?
Do you know who you are?

This may be the vital missing piece!!!


The first time Jodi Reeves recalls her desire to be an Author and Speaker she was at school,17 years old and on her way to the Careers Advisor. As she rounded a corner she recalls smoothing down her skirt and thinking “I want to be a writer and speaker.” Almost just as quickly as the thought formed she quashed it! “Don’t be so ridiculous. That isn’t even a real job. Everyone will think you are up yourself and what would you write about anyway.” She recalls those teenage thoughts and the fear and embarrassment that accompanied them quite clearly. 


In that moment she swore herself to secrecy and made a promise that she kept for many, many years. Jodi promised herself that she wouldn’t think that again and that she would walk a far more acceptable and traditional path. She proceeded to her appointment with the careers advisor and listened to him when he recommended she apply for Business at university, even though it filled her with dread! 


Fast forward 30 years… OK maybe it hasn’t been so fast… and Jodi has finally owned her deep, strong, persistent dream. “You have to love dreams that don’t give up on you even when you seem to have given up on them!”


Jodi has spent many hours, months and even years examining and exploring the validity of her dream. She has questioned herself constantly and never given up on her own personal development and discovery.  


Her truth has finally shone through as she now owns and acknowledges her dream of being an Author and Speaker, primarily, so that she can help others. Jodi’s greatest desire is the help other people see who they really are; to get past their pain, commitments, and challenges and become the best and most authentic version of themselves.



Why an Author? Why books?

Because books have saved Jodi on many occasions. Books have consistently been her affordable and reliable counsellors, teachers and companions right when she needed them the most. 


Many of us are seeking direction, clarity, happiness, fulfilment or success and often we feel ourselves going around in circles trying to find it. 


Jodi believes this is because we have lost connection with self; with the core of who we are; we have literally forgotten who we are.


In response to this Jodi is very deliberately starting her publishing journey with Get to Know You as she feels getting to know yourself is the key many people forget or overlook on their journey to grow and achieve and sometimes just to survive. 


Jodi is committed to impacting individuals and making a positive difference in their lives through her books, events, groups and one on one coaching sessions. She walks with you as you rediscover you, becoming the best version of yourself and living the life you truly dream of.

Smart Healthy Women Jodi Reeves
Smart Healthy Women Jodi Reeves
Smart Healthy Women Jodi Reeves
Smart Healthy Women Jodi Reeves
Smart Healthy Women Jodi Reeves
Smart Healthy Women Jodi Reeves
Smart Healthy Women Jodi Reeves

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