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All I want is peace …. when peace seems elusive

All I want is peace!!

Do you want peace?

Do you want to feel at peace?

Are you are tired of the chaos and just want to feel that gentle peacefulness you hear others talk about?

This can be a fabulous goal. It can lead to fulfilment and joy and even purpose.

But what does peace mean?

How does peace feel?

What does peace look like for you?

And how does peace 'come' to you?

Peace can be found in stillness, but it can also come in chaos - that is true peace.

Peace can be found in silence, but it can also be felt in noise - that is lasting peace.

Peace can be found in inaction, but it can also be discovered in action - that is powerful peace.

Peace can be found in relaxing but it can also be uncovered in busyness - that is real peace.

Peace is being comfortable with your feelings - all of them.

Peace is allowing and moving away from judgement - yours and those of other people.

Peace is being on your path - even with its challenges.

Peace is not just knowing but being you - the real you.

Peace is the freedom to be authentic - all of the time.

Peace is not having everyone think like you but accepting the contrasts in their thinking - especially when they are opposite to yours.

Peace is not the absence of differences it is the acceptance of differences - even the love of differences.

All I Want Is Peace
All I Want Is Peace

You don't need to stop moving forward, to stagnate or go into isolation or seclusion to find peace. Peace is found in life not in stopping living!! You just need to be prepared to go within, to face your own truths and become who you were always destined to be. You find peace while you live life. YOUR life, your unique life!

Peace is found in your consciousness. Living consciously and from your heart. It isn't about being perfect or making no mistakes or the money in your bank account or the job you do, it is about being real, being true, being YOU!!

Peace is not settling or standing still, peace is moving forward with love, faith, confidence and inner guidance.

Peace is accepting what is and accepting others as they are, while remaining true to you and knowing that the future is yours to create. Knowing that this moment is the only thing you truly have and it isn't dictated by your past, it is up to you what to make of it. Knowing change can occur any time if you are brave enough to create it.

Peace, true peace, is found in your connection to self.

All I want is peace.

If you hear yourself saying this, wishing for this, feeling yourself desiring this then it is time to get to know you.

Jodi Reeves


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