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Choices – the choice is yours

Every now and then, or maybe more often than that, you look at where you are and if you are like me you sometimes think “Wow, how did I get here? How did this happen?”

This reflection can feel positive, exciting and expansive or it can feel less than positive, maybe disappointing and even confining.

Regardless of how it feels we all got to where we are the same way.

We got here, to where we are, wherever that may be, thanks to a series, often a long series, of choices.

Choices we made. Choices we made sometimes without even realising we made them. Choices we may have felt we had to make or had no ‘choice’ but to make.

Sometimes we decide and act and sometimes we never really decide and don’t act but either way we made a choice, either way helps direct us, set us on a path, get us where we are now.

Choices. Decisions. Options.

These simple often seemingly insignificant things shape our experience, our life.

The beauty and the pain, the freedom and the confines of having choices, of making choices ….. of our choices. We always have a choice and even when we don’t choose we are actually choosing.

When we own our ability of choice, our responsibility to choose, it is enlightening and empowering but it can also feel heavy and scary, a bit confronting even, regardless of how it feels though the choices are there and they are ours to make. The choices are ours.


We choose consciously and unconsciously. We choose from many options and we choose from limited options. We choose easily or reluctantly or even painfully. We choose with confidence and with doubt. Regardless we choose and in doing so we shape our lives, we pave our path, we create our experiences, all with our choices.

How we look at something. How we react. If and how we act. Which way we turn. Who we connect with. What we focus on. When we go and when we stop. What we do and what we don’t. The decision we make. The decision we contemplate but never quite make. The thing we dismiss and the thing we don’t. The invitation we accept and the one we decline. The bus we catch and the one we miss. When we push snooze just one more time. The sunset we stop and observe. The risk we take and the one we avoid. The fear we listen to. The chances we weigh up and the ones we take. The beliefs we follow. The habit we reinforce. The doubt we question. The feelings we acknowledge and the ones we ignore.

All of these choices, ….. all of them ours ….. most of them seemingly insignificant, shape our lives. With each one our direction is tweaked, our path is paved and our experience is shaped.

You are not a victor or a victim thanks to your circumstances or environment. You are a victor or a victim thanks to your choices.

The beauty, the power of accepting this is that now, right now, in this moment, you can start making different choices and therefore start creating a new path and different experiences ….. that is if you choose to.

The choice is yours. The choice is always yours.

Jodi Reeves


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