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How Do I Create More Abundance

Many of us ask or wonder “How do I create more abundance?” That might be abundance of money, or love, or relationships, or opportunities, or time, or any number of things.

To answer your question I would ask you a question. “What do you focus on, where does your focus rest most often, sometimes consciously but most often sub consciously?”

You see I have plans.

I have dreams.

I have ideas.

I have goals.

I have great intentions.

I start things in a whirl of positivity and excitement and then I stop.

Does this sound familiar?

Do you have dreams to do things differently, live life differently, to follow your dreams and yet you don’t?

Days turn into weeks which turn into months and maybe even years and you are still in the same place, doing the same things, using the same excuses, feeling like you are walking in circles?

This is my pattern.

I have exciting ideas and great intentions, I make plans and I start projects and then I doubt, I question and I stop. I have done this more times than I care to admit and I decided it was time to work out why.

Why do I do this?


What is going on within me that I keep repeating this pattern?

No passing the responsibility, no blaming others, why do I do this?

I thought I identified fear as the driving ‘emotion’ that I listen to more than any other. I am scared of rejection, of people’s judgement, of being laughed at, of looking ‘silly’ if something doesn’t work out how I hope. I thought ‘fear’ was stopping me.

What I didn’t understand, what didn’t make sense, is I also fear doing nothing, not living up to my potential and following my dreams and potential. I am scared of looking back and feeling regret at never really trying, never becoming who I feel I have the potential to be. So if fear was really my driving force wouldn’t I do things to avoid this outcome, to avoid failing by default, failing through lack of action. Wouldn't I act because I fear not acting!!!

If fear was in fact my strongest driving force wouldn’t it push me to pursue my dreams regardless of the cost or the threat of rejection, wouldn't I take action to avoid regret, one of my greatest fears.

So I decided it was time to look further, time to look past fear, stop using 'fear' as the excuse and explore the option that there could be another reason, a stronger driving force directing my life. I decided to just put the fear aside for a moment and see what else I could identify that might be directing my action or more accurately lack of action.

I was reflecting, writing and exploring this conundrum when it dawned on me.

What do I focus on most?

Not just in business or my pursuit of my purpose in this life, but in general, day to day, what do I focus on, what do I think about most?

What do I worry about?

That question triggered me.

I worry about running out of time, of running out of ideas, of not finding clients, of not having enough money, of not having the support I need, of not being loved enough, of not being good enough.

All of these are based in lack.

Lack of time.

Lack of money.

Lack of ideas.

Lack of clients.

Lack of support.

Lack of love.

I have a lack mentality!!

I believe in lack or at least its threat, and I let that belief guide my thoughts, focus and action.

How Do I Create More Abundance
How Do I Create More Abundance

This was shocking to me!! I believe the universe is unlimited, there is proof of that all around me yet I focus on lack. Regardless of my faith in an unlimited universe I believe I will experience lack.

I have been focusing on the possibility at least of lack.

I often stress about not having enough time and running late or missing out on something – Lack of time.

I worry about not having enough money even when I have extra – Lack of money.

I restrict the posts, messages or ideas I share in a day just in case I can’t think of anything tomorrow, I save them up so I have something to share tomorrow – Lack of ideas.

I believe I have to do nearly everything on my own and hate asking for help – Lack of support.

I worry about releasing programs, even when they feel aligned, as I wonder who will buy them – Lack of clients.

The list could go on and on all coming back to a fear of running out or a belief in lack!

I have a ‘lack’ mentality or a scarcity mindset.

This mindset keeps me focused on lack, on scarcity, or at least the potential of lack and my focus on this makes the threat feel very real.

I realised when I stop my daily practices this scarcity mindset grows, it gets louder and louder, stronger and stronger, it really takes hold in my reality.

What I also clarified was that what I really wanted to know was how do I shift this, how do I create more abundance in my life?

Now I have awareness! I thought I had to ‘deal’ with, overcome all these fears that were born in past experiences but all I have to do, now I have identified this mindset, is change my focus. This mindset has been reinforced through my focus!! I have control over this, I am responsible for allowing this lack mentality in and for letting it unpack and settle down in my being.

I have let my focus continually go to the possibility of lack. I have paid it an unbalanced amount of attention!!

I focused of lack!

I chose this focus.

I now need to shift my focus.

I know I have control over my focus.

I can choose what I focus on and so can you.

I can choose where my gaze stays and so can you.

I can choose where to focus my energy and so can you.

This isn’t my parents, or my partners, or my abusers, or my teachers, or anyone else’s fault. This is just a choice I have made, consistently over time, to focus on something, in my case lack!

So what is the opposite of lack?


Abundance starts within me, within you. It starts with a feeling, a belief and the belief grows by choosing to focus on abundance!

There is always more money, more ideas, more clients, more time, more love ....... always!! While ever you are breathing, there is the possibility and potential for 'more' so why not focus on that?

The magic in this is that whatever you focus on most the universe will find situations and experiences to reinforce your focus, your belief.

Do you want the universe to provide you with more lack or more abundance?

More love or more conflict?

More joy or more sadness?

More connection or more isolation?

More opportunity or more restriction?

More judgment or more acceptance?

More fear or more peace?

Well focus on that and the universe will, over time, match your focus.

It is a choice …… it is my choice …… it is your choice!!

I don’t need to examine my past, or clear my blocks. I need to shift my focus, turn my attention. I need to take responsibility for what I choose to focus on. I can choose to focus on abundance or I can choose to focus on lack. The choice is mine, just like the choice is yours.

Where is your focus?

If you are wondering or asking or even pleading “How do I create more abundance in my life?” maybe take a step back and look at your focus.

What are you focusing on?

Jodi Reeves


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