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You Were Destined For More!

Do you feel it….that knowing …. knowing there is more, knowing you were destined for more?

It might be a stirring inside

An unsettled feeling

A whisper of discontent, unhappiness, unease

A feeling that there is more to life

More to you

That you can do more, be more, have more??

Do you hide these feelings….

From those around you

From yourself

From the world

Because ….well you should be happy, you’ve got so much to be happy about… are told to be positive, be grateful and look at all you have.

Maybe you have the house or the family or the friends or the job or the business or the health. Maybe you have all of those and yet still there is that feeling, that stirring that whispers from deep within …..there has to be more, more to life, more to me.

You can’t stop the whisper, all the gratitude, all the positivity in the world doesn’t stop it.

As the whisper gets louder the other thing that increases is your guilt.

What is wrong with me

Why can’t I just appreciate all I have

Why can’t I be happy?

Look around I have so much to be thankful for

With these thoughts your guilt increases and you try and ignore the whisper even more.

You deny it

You ignore it

You practice gratitude and positivity

You do your best to drown the whisper by focusing on all that is good in your life.

Yet there it is, still there, the whisper gently saying ….”there has to be more to life, there is more to me, I want more!”

How do I know this?

How do I know what is whispering inside of you?

I know because I too have felt the stirring, I have heard the whisper and I too have tried to deny it and felt guilty when I couldn’t. I have tried, oh believe me I have tried…..maybe even harder than you … be positive and grateful!!

I looked at all I had. An amazing supportive husband, four healthy kids, a home, food on the table, the option not to work. From the outside I had it all. What right did I have to want more, to feel unsatisfied?

Maybe I was just greedy

Maybe I was ungrateful

Maybe I just wasn’t a very nice person.

I had all of those thoughts but still the whisper whispered……….there is more to life, there is more to me.

It just wouldn’t go away, the whisper I mean, in fact it got louder, it spoke from within “I am destined for more, there is more to me and more to my life.” If you are still here, if have read this far I know this is resonating, I know you have felt it too. You know, deep down that you were destined for more.

Knowing there is more

Admitting you want more

Listening to the whisper does not mean you aren’t grateful. It doesn’t mean you are greedy or unkind or negative or in fact even unhappy.

Do you feel guilty about the whisper though, guilty that you know deep down you want more?

Here is the message I would like you to hear.

There is no need for guilt. NONE!!

It is not wrong to want more…. to acknowledge you want more…. that you were destined for more…. that you are capable of more!! Own it, own your potential and your own unique brilliance. Own your desires, they are speaking to you, they are trying to guide you. The world needs you, it needs you to shine. The world needs all of you!!

This doesn’t make you ungrateful or your family less important or your relationship bad or you job unfulfilling. It just means you haven’t been showing up as all of you. Maybe through choice, maybe through circumstances you have ignored, or downplayed parts of you. Important parts of you.

Times are changing. The world needs your true light.

It is time…. time to acknowledge, explore and be all of you.

Connect with yourself, align with your soul and decide to listen to the whispers of you heart.

What do you love

What are you passionate about

What do you dream about

What ignites your soul

What excites you

What do you know you are capable of?

Yes it might feel scary. It is great if it does.

Fear can be a positive sign, a sign you are doing something you never have before, a sign you are acknowledging or trying something that means a lot, something important.

I want you to know that it is alright to want more and that it is time to acknowledge that and explore what ‘more’ is to you. It is time to live your life, all of your life.

Yes, you were destined for more than you have yet experienced and it is time to stand up and stake your claim, own you potential and step into all you can be…. all you were destined to be.

If not now when???

The time is now, your time is now. You were destined for more…own it!!!

Jodi Reeves


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