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Do you appear to have a great life but you just feel something is missing?
Do you spend time getting to know other people yet don't really know yourself?
Do you struggle to identify your 'purpose'?

Do you feel misunderstood by others?
Do you sometimes just feel lost?
Do you know who you are?

This may be the vital missing piece!!!


Jodi Reeves struggled with all of the above. Then one day, thanks to a conversation with her then 14 year old son, she realised that she didn't know herself!


I sat with this for some time, wondering how, a 42 year old wife, mother, business owner could get to this point. Then my focus shifted to more important questions; “What could I do about it? How could I fix this?”


Jodi with pen and paper in hand, was gifted with 101 questions and was ‘told’ to sit with each one and allow herself to answer them fully and authentically from within.


And so began my journey back to me. Here are those questions, exactly as they were ‘gifted’ to me and it is my honour to share them with you.

Get To Know You (paperback)

SKU: 0001
  • Book Specifications

    ISBN: 978-1-925833-41-6

    Size: 127mm x 198mm

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 242pp

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